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Our services

We offer the following services primarily to our customers, but individual solutions are also available on request:

We handle all aspects of domain administration, whether it’s registration, transfer, change of ownership or annual maintenance. In addition to our domain service, we provide a free multi-country DNS service.


Our hosting packages can be split between different services as you wish, but you can also choose to use the entire hosting package for just one service.


To build and operate your own system, we offer our Virtual Server (VPS) service instead of using a physical machine. We also cater for individual needs. It is increasingly important to keep systems up-to-date and secure, so we offer System Administrator (Sysadmin) service alongside our Virtual Server (VPS) one.


As our System Administrator (Sysadmin) service, we undertake the maintenance and operation of Virtual Server (VPS) or physical machines rented from us or elsewhere, whether in a server centre or in the office. Moreover the machines maintained are monitored continuously (365/24/7) with SMS alerts.


As part of this service, we undertake to back up Virtual Server (VPS) and/or physical servers, whether they are in a server center, office or home. Basically, the backup system connects to the target device(s), but it is possible to change the direction of the data stream, i.e. the device(s) send the data to the backup storage. It is worth of knowing all backups are stored on an encrypted file system.


Stormshield firewalls – with 100% European background and ownership – are uniquely certificated in the UTM market and independent of government partnerships and backdoor threats that affect the reputation of many manufacturers. Stormshield Network Security is the only UTM firewall solution that meets European Union standards for handling confidential data.

As a Stormshield Certified Gold Partner, we sell as a reseller or lease the desired type of Stormshield device under a service contract, but we also undertake the operation of the device if required.