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Stormshield (SNS, SES, SDS)

GDPR-compatible Stormshield firewalls, with the vendor’s all-European background and ownership are uniquely certified on the UTM market, and independent of governmental partnerships and backdoors treathening the reputation of many vendors. Stormshield Network Security is the only UTM firewall solution that meets the European Union’s, NATO’s and EAL 4+ qualifications for classified data.

Main properties of Network Security (Firewall) devices:

  • Proactive, complete Deep Protocol Inspection (DPI) with Built-in vulnerability monitoring
  • European, backdoor-free network security (the cybersecurity subsidiary of the Airbus Group)
  • Outstanding performance and designed for a decade

Main properties of Endpoint Security solution:

  • New generational proactive protection, 96% zero-day security without user intervention and any Windows updates
  • Complete endpoint locking and control

Main properties of Data Security solution:

  • Protection against human crime (insider threats, theft and loss of equipment, incorrect configuration, etc)
  • Protection against cybercrime (unauthorized access, hackers, monitoring, sabotage, etc)
For more information, please visit our dedicated Stormshield website at https://www.stormshield.ie címen