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Data backup

If System Administrator (Sysadmin) service is also ordered for a Virtual Server (VPS) service then Backup storage for for free for them. In all other cases, the following Backup hosting rates apply:
Data backup sizeMonthly feeComment/Note
1 TB15.0 EUR
2 TB22.5 EUR
4 TB30.0 EUR
6 TB and above6.0 EUR
/ TB
ex: 6 TB = 36.0 EUR
ex: 8 TB = 42.0 EUR

However, by popular wishes, we have also created Backup storage packages below 1 TB. Their prices are shown in the table below:

Data backup sizeYearly freeComment/Note
100 GB25.0 EUR
200 GB45.0 EUR
500 GB90.0 EUR

The indicated prices are always net prices, do not include the 27% VAT and are in HUF!