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Domain Administration

We handle all aspects of domain administration, whether it’s registration, transfer, change of ownership or annual maintenance.

1 or 2 y
.africa28.00 EUR28.00 EUR
55.00 EUR
28.00 EURN/A2-63No
.asia25.00 EUR25.00 EUR
49.00 EUR
25.00 EUR30.00 EUR2-63Yes
.at31.00 EUR31.00 EUR
61.00 EUR
31.00 EUR30.00 EUR2-63Yes
.com15.00 EUR15.00 EUR
29.00 EUR
15.00 EURN/A2-63Yes
.de21.00 EUR21.00 EUR
41.00 EUR
21.00 EUR30.00 EUR2-63Yes
.eu10.00 EUR10.00 EUR
19.00 EUR
10.00 EURN/A2-63YesEverybody can register who:
– EU citizen
– a company with an office registered in the EU
– a company or organization established in the EU
– the above-mentioned entitlements extended to Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
.fr25.00 EUR25.00 EUR
49.00 EUR
25.00 EUR30.00 EUR1-63YesEverybody can register who:
– EU citizen
– a company whose head office is in the EU
– a company whose main place of business is in the EU or in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland
.hu / .co.hu10.00 EUR5.00 EUR
9.00 EUR
2.50 EUR
+5.00 EUR
N/A2-63YesEverybody can register who:
– EU citizen
– a natural person with a residence permit in Hungary
– EU registered company
– owner of a trademark registered at the Hungarian Patent Office or granting protection rights in Hungary

In addition, all registration includes the maintenance cost of the first 2 years, but from July 1, 2021, registrations can be made for 1 year.
.info15.00 EUR15.00 EUR
29.00 EUR
15.00 EURN/A3-63Yes
.it35.00 EUR35.00 EUR
69.00 EUR
35.00 EUR30.00 EUR3-63YesEverybody can register who:
– who was born in Italy
– EU citizen
– who register from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and San Marino
.me30.00 EUR30.00 EUR
59.00 EUR
30.00 EUR30.00 EUR3-63Yes
.net15.00 EUR15.00 EUR
29.00 EUR
15.00 EURN/A2-63Yes
.org15.00 EUR15.00 EUR
29.00 EUR
15.00 EURN/A2-63Yes
.pl30.00 EUR30.00 EUR
59.00 EUR
30.00 EUR30.00 EUR2-63Yes
.ro35.00 EUR35.00 EUR
69.00 EUR
35.00 EUR30.00 EUR2-63Yes
.tech69.00 EUR69.00 EUR
137.00 EUR
69.00 EURN/A2-63No

[1] If a domain is not renewed within its expiration date, it will enter the “expired” state. Depending on the Top-Level Domain (TLD), a renewal fee may be paid, in addition to the annual renewal fee!

In addition to our domain service, we provide a free multi-country DNS service.

However, our DNS service can be used on its own at the rates shown in the table below:

DNS serviceYearly feeComment/Note
Primary DNS service3.5 EUROur DNS servers:
– ns1.naxonet.hu
– ns2.naxonet.ie
– ns3.naxonet.hu
– ns4.naxonet.eu
Secondary DNS service3.5 EURIn that case if the Primary DNS service is not provided by us

The indicated prices are always net prices, do not include the 27% VAT and are in HUF!