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Virtual Server (VPS)

We recommend our VPS service for building and operating your own system due to the following:

  • high availability
  • no need to worry about the condition and maintenance of the physical machine
  • on-demand variable performance (easy and cost-effective short-term increasing of properties such as for example number of CPU Cores or GB RAM)
ComponentsMonthly feeComment/Note
Operation system0.0 EURUbuntu 16.04 LTS, 18.04 LTS
Debian 9, Debian 10
vCPU – 2.2 GHz3.5 EUR
/ 1 vCPU Core
Maximum 16 vCPU Cores
/ 1 GB RAM
Maximum 64 GB RAM
HDD 500 GB and below3.5 EUR
/ 20 GB
HDD 500 GB above3.5 EUR
/ 40 GB
There is no limit but above many TB creation may take a few days
Public Fix IP-addresses3.5 EUR
/ Public IP
1 Public IP-address address is automatically assigned to each VPS but more Public IP-addresses can be requested, maximum 5pcs

It is increasingly important to keep your systems up-to-date and secure, that is why we offer our System Administrator (Sysadmin) service alongside our Virtual Server (VPS) service.

The indicated prices are always net prices, do not include the 27% VAT and are in HUF!