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System Administrator

We provide outsourced System Administrator or IT consulting to many of our partners on a flat-rate or ad-hoc basis:

  • remote server and system management
  • network and/or computer infrastructure development
  • IT consolidation (system optimization)
  • IT consulting

Prices of flat-rate orders

Flate-rate serviceMonthly feeComment/Note
Linux-based server management
(physical and/or virtual)
30 EUROperating system management:
– installation
– setting
– update/upgrade
– security settings
Service management30 EURMonthly fee is per service, for example
– webserver: Apache, Nginx
– database: MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL
– email: Postfix, Exim, Dovecot, CourierMail, Zymbra
– etc.

For example: monthly fee for two servers running a web server, a database server and mail: 150.0 EUR + VAT / month
(2 x 30.0 EUR for system management and 3 x 30.0 EUR service management)

We undertake the management of systems and services with 0-24 hour supervision and Short-Message (SMS) alarm!
The SMS alerting fee is included in the System Administrator service fee.

For five or more systems and/or services management, please ask for our individual quotation!

Prices of ad-hoc-based orders

Ad hoc orderHourly feeComment/Note
Network and/or computer infrastructure
survey and development
30 EUR
IT consolidation
(system optimization)
30 EURGetting to know the design and operation, outlining consolidation possibilities and, on request, implementing them
IT consulting30 EUR– getting to know the existing system, compiling development proposals.
– outline of construction possibilities related to a future system, recommend a proposed way

The indicated prices are always net prices, do not include the 27% VAT and are in HUF!